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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Chapter Interlude: Arsenal 1 Real Madrid 0

Muah ha ha ha!!!!

Its 4 in the morning here in sleepy Bangalore and yet here I am, rejoicing like Hell after just watching my Arsenal beat the crap out of Real Madrid on a precious away score margin of 1-0. Man I've never seen my team play this good. Nevermind the 1 goal difference, the gunners had a hell lot of chances to pump in more goals, if it was not for the brilliant predictions Casillas made. The score line even forced Ramon Lopez to activate an injured Raul who, fortunately for Arsenal, missed a free header that nearly made my blood pressure rise to 250. Arsenal dominated the entire game, and I just hope and pray they play their EPL matches this way too. Kudos Arsenal Kudos. You have definitely made me proud.

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Arsenalkunga said...

wtf.. Arsenal wins and nobody says nothing.. i demand a debate on this.. ah well..