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Monday, February 21, 2011

Chp 340. Testing Blogger Android App

Hello world...Update: Nice! Not bad at all. Editing post is also quite easy!Update 2: Ok linebreaks not happening. The Android editor is not WYSIWYG editor... :(

Update 3: Ok linebreaks and para happening only if I enter the HTML codes directly... Sad :(

Update 4: Testing image upload... ok no feature to upload pic in existing post. If I want to upload a pic, looks like it will become a new (separate) post...

Update 5: Testing comment... working well. simple and direct.

Conclusion- Overall, this app may be good for micro-bloggers or those blogging from a place abt breaking news etc... but definitely not recommended as a substitute for normal web version of blogger.

Even if I am going to blog from my phone, I'll still use the built-in Android browser or Opera browser to access and creat/edit a blog post rather using this Blogger-Android app. Sorry Blogger.


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